Top 8 Ways of Study Smartly

Top 8 Ways of Study Smartly
Top 8 Ways of Study Smartly

Learn top 8 ways of study smartly in very less time. Is there any way to understand books and getting information without wasting too much time on studying? Easiest way is online learning; learn with your comfort and convenience.

Prof. Lobdell who is professor of psychology and college study skills at Pierce College in Washington State from four decades. Prof. Lobdell developed some techniques of retain information and teach to student. Some strategies by prof. Lobdell are given below:

Top 8 Ways of Study Smartly

Tip 1: Fix a particular study time

In top 8 Ways of Study Smartly, first is fix a particular study time. If you want to make habit of regular study. First, you need to make a proper time table for study in which you study without any disturbance. Once you habit is build, no doubt you will master in study smartly.

Tip 2: Create a dedicated space for studying

Many study was conducted in past to know how environment affects our behaviour related to study. And you will surprise to know, our surrounding is greatly affects our behaviour. So, first, we have to fix a dedicated space for study.

Now question arise, how to prepare your study space?

While making an environment, you should include minimum things on your desk like textbooks and material related to study. Do not put anything else which is not related to study to make proper focus only on study.

According to Stanford University, Student’s ability related to retention the information is very low when there is any type of distractions. It may be listen to music while studying. Also it found in research music doesn’t help at the time of learning.

Tip 3: Divided study time into small intervals

Many student have habit to read several hours without taking rest but your grades are not improving, have you ever thing why this happen with you? According to Lobdell instead of continuous studying, divided your study time in small intervals about 15 to 25 min each.

Also, after finishing study, you should give a treat to yourself. This will push to you towards to do more of.

Tip 4: Study with Focus

At the time of study, you should fully focused on your study. Remove all unnecessary things which cause distraction. In each session of study, makes notes what you have learned also revise after complete that topic.

Testing can be in the form of flashcards, taking online review quizzes or answering the questions at the end of a chapter. Research shows that testing is most effective when it involved free recall of learned content, compared to recognition tasks like multiple choice or ‘True or False’ questions. Research also shows that testing is beneficial for students from preschool up to professional education.

Tip 5: Carry notes at the time of class

Creates notes by writing keywords to help you remember, also expand it as soon as you learn new thing in it. If you have facing any problem ask to your instructor or classmates after the class.

Tip 6: Teach other to what you learn

Summarizing the topic which is very helpful to understand it. Also teach other, by teaching other your concept will more clear automatically because when you explain it to someone, it will automatically understood.

Tip 7: Apply the SQ3R process or method

SQ3R means Survey, Question, and 3R (Read, Recite, Review), you can use this to learn fast.

Survey: Scan the text and make note of the headers, graphs, bolded phrases, or anything else that pops out at you.

Question: Write down questions about you has survey also ask them. What do you know and what do you want to know?

Read: Always read text at the time of keeping your questions in mind.

Recite: In simple words, repeat words which you have read to ensure you remember the text.

Review: Try to answer the questions you wrote down previously without using your own notes. Learn again and again sections that you do not fully understand.

Tip 8: Add concept of mnemonics

Use Acronyms in your notes which associated to your topics that can help you recall or retain information. For example a very common and a popular mnemonic is the name ROYGBIV, that represents the beginning letters of the colors of a rainbow.

Some other information

There are lots of resources related to your course is available on internet especially on YouTube free of cost, you can use them for study. As well as paid courses and resources are available on internet, use them according to your needs.

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