Present your views to prove the importance of Indian agriculture

Importance of Indian Agriculture

The importance of Indian agriculture can be explained in the following form-

1. Main means of employment

Hundreds of rural men and women get employment in the place of a single farmer at the time of harvesting, harvesting of paddy, and other pulse crops.

2. Supply of food grains

In Indian agriculture, people get pulses, bread, and rice, fruits and vegetables from agriculture itself, in which many types of vitamins and nutrients are found.

Fodder for cattle

Jowar, bajra, chari and berseem, straw, etc. are used as fodder for animals. This fodder helps in animal husbandry and the dairy industry runs on the milk of animals, in which people get employment.

5. Employment through transport system (Base of transport system)

Tea produced from tea gardens is transported to all parts of the country. Wheat and rice produced in rural areas are transported to many parts of the country.

6. Completion of basic need

Agricultural products are widely used in bread, cloth, and housing. In this way, agriculture is accepted as an essential means of meeting basic requirements.

7. Important for industrial development

Agriculture should be made progressive because many industries completely depend on agriculture; Like- the establishment of sugar mills, the cotton textile industry, etc.

8. Importance in economic development

Through agriculture, national income increases, and export trade gets a boost. Major agricultural products are in demand in the international market; Like- tea, oilseeds, tobacco, spices, coffee, cotton, jute, and jaggery, etc.

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