Pollution Due to Urbanization Essay

Pollution Due to Urbanization Essay
Pollution Due to Urbanization Essay

Pollution Due to Urbanization Essay:- In the recent past few years, rural population is increasingly migrating to the cities, as they are also attracted by the comfortable lifestyle like the urban people. Urbanization has become one of the most important issues which has brought many dire consequences in most of the countries.

Essay 1 (300 words)


Gone are the days when children roamed the streets freely and birds flew in the sky. Such a beautiful sight is rarely seen nowadays. We ourselves are responsible for this. India was a country of villages; Our culture was born in the villages itself. But we have polluted the whole earth due to factories, mills and urbanization.

Increase in pollution due to urbanization and industrialization

One of the main causes of human pollution is urbanization. When humans started setting up cities and started setting up industries, pollution had started starting from then. The harsh reality of urbanization is that many beautiful valleys, mountains, hill stations and forests have turned into a heap of pollution.

The needs of human beings are increasing day by day and to fulfill those needs, we have exploited our mother earth a lot. Deforestation, contamination of rivers and lakes and misuse of natural reserves are the major consequences of urbanization and industrialization.

River – most affected

Due to rapid urbanization and industrialization, the impact of pollution on rivers has increased in the last few years. Availability of water for irrigation, drinking, industrial use, electricity etc. has become a challenge. The discharge of untreated wastewater from riverside cities is a major source of pollution load in rivers.


Today the result is that we live in highly polluted cities, where day by day life is changing rapidly. We face many health issues due to this urban pollution and the worst part is that we do not even realize it. This is the right time, there is a need to adopt ways to curb this pollution and make a better world for our coming generations.

Urbanization and Pollution – Essay 2 (400 words)


“This dangerous poison of pollution is putting an eclipse on the environment.

Pollution is the biggest concern of today’s time. The lifestyle of cities has added to this even more. As we are moving ahead on the path of modernity, we are polluting our mother earth. What is the use of such materialistic opulence, which is taking us closer to death.

Urbanization and pollution

The presence of toxic and contaminants in our surroundings is wreaking havoc on our habitat and introducing harmful non-biodegradable substances.

These harmful chemical toxic elements cause ‘pollution’. Man and his undesirable ways have polluted the environment around us, this has been going on for many years and has reached dangerous levels today.

worse in cities

The concern is more serious in urban areas as the green cover in metros is very less and the pollution level is very high. There is virtually no control over pollution and no scientific investigation has been developed yet, which can have a permanent effect to bring down the pollution level.

vehicle network

In urban areas, the density of vehicles is high, the smoke emitted from the vehicles is very dangerous and invites many diseases. Due to this people are suffering from deadly diseases like cancer, asthma etc. Air, water and land pollution is completely contaminating the environment around us.

As a result of industrialization

Chemicals released from factories, such as potassium and sulfur levels, have a negative effect on the soil and can destroy the top layers of the soil. Thus even fertile land may become barren and unfit for cultivation. It is one of the major causes of soil pollution.

Urbanization – the main cause of noise pollution

Urban dwellers often have to deal with harmful levels of noise and air pollution every day. As a result the quality of life is getting reduced, and it is causing long term harm to our lives. Urbanization and climate change are likely to increase pollution further in the coming years.


Pollution is injurious to our health. Due to air pollution, there are very fine levels of particulates present in the air which can choke our lungs and harm the respiratory system.

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