Policies made by the government for the development of agriculture

Policies made by the government for the development of agriculture

Policies made by the government for the development of agriculture- Government policies and plans can be described in the following form-

1. National Horticulture Mission

Efforts were made by the government to develop the horticulture sector. During the period from 2005 to 2010, 2205 nurseries were prepared under the National Horticulture Mission and vegetable seeds were grown in 16707 hectares of land. From 2005 to 2010, an amount of Rs 4303-12 crore was provided to 18 states, three union territories and 13 national level agencies. A provision of Rs 1061-18 crore has been made for the year 2010-2011.

2. National seeds research and training center

National Seed Research and Training Center Varanasi (to Uttar Pradesh). Notified as Central Seed Testing and Referral Laboratory with effect from April 2007. The seed mission was implemented by the government in the year 2011-12 and an amount of Rs 3775 crore was earmarked for it and the Planning Commission approved it.

3. Use of mass media in development of agriculture

Programs are broadcast on Doordarshan and Radio for farmers, in which farmers can call and get solutions to their problems. Apart from this, a call center has been arranged for the farmers. Kisan Call Center is working since 21st January 2004. About 144 call centers work in Kisan Call Centers, which answer the language of farmers in 21 local dialects. These call centers can be accessed by dialing 1551 and 1880-180-1591.

4. Farmer credit card scheme

By running the Kisan Credit Card scheme , loans are provided to the farmers at a very low interest rate by the government. When the farmer’s crop is ripe and ready, the farmer returns it to the bank.

5. National agriculture insurance plan

This scheme is working since 1992 to solve the problem of crop failure of the farmers. Presently this scheme is working in 25 states and two union territories. Due to this, 2363 lakh hectare area of ​​1524 lakh farmers was insured in the last twenty years, in which an amount of Rs 1749010 crore was insured.

6. National Agricultural Marketing Institute

National Institute of Agricultural Marketing is a national level institute. It was established by the Government of India in August 1988 to provide specialized training, research, education and advice in agricultural marketing.

7. Training for use of agriclture instruments

Every farmer should not have any problem in buying tractor, engine, harvester, fertilizers and seeds. After this, general knowledge of these machines is also necessary for the farmer. For this, arrangements have been made for the training of agricultural machinery by the state governments. Training and testing centers for agricultural machinery have been set up at Bubni in Madhya Pradesh, Hisar in Haryana, Garladin in Andhra Pradesh and Vishwanath Chariyali in Assam. These institutes have trained 113268 employees since their inception till 2011. 2815 machines have been tested till 31st March 2010.

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