Essay on current Education System. merits and demerits of the current education system

Essay on current education system

In ancient times our education system was the best in the world. In ancient times special emphasis was laid on creative education. The sages of our country had divided life into four ashrams. To get education in Brahmacharya Ashram, every student had to stay in Gurukul and serve the Guru with body, mind and wealth. There was no distinction between king and rank. Therefore the object of education was the concentration of the mind and the ability to think. In ancient times, equal emphasis was laid on physical, spiritual and mental development.

The virtues of the present education system

The biggest virtue of the present education system is that it has awakened the feeling of patriotism among the countrymen. The present education system has played a major role in inculcating fearlessness and ideological independence among the youth of our country.

This system has produced great patriots like Rabindranath, Lala Lajpat Rai, Madan Mohan Malviya, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Motilal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, and Jawaharlal Nehru.

The second feature of present education is visible in the form of women’s awakening. At present, the credit for women’s awakening goes to the current education system only. This method has generated interest in education for women.

The current education system has given outstanding contributions to eradicating superstitions and evil practices prevalent in the country. Today, the youth of our country has made so much intellectual progress by getting an education in a scientific way that it does not have any faith in superstitions and evil practices.

Defects of the present education system

The current education system has more faults than advantages. The main objective of this education system is to create clerks to run the British rule and to expand Christianity. There is not even an iota of space for Indian ideals in the present education system.

In the present system of education, only attention is paid to intellectual development. Not even an iota of attention is paid to physical and character development. By cramming books day and night, and passing the examination, today’s student considers his wonderful success.

Today’s education makes the student dependent instead of making him self-reliant. The main reason for this is that there is a complete lack of industry, handicrafts, and vocational education in the present education system. Today’s student wants to do Babugiri only. As a result, the problem of unemployment in the country has taken a terrible form. The problem of unemployment among the educated is increasing day by day.

The current education system is so expensive that it is beneficial only for capitalists. The one who has money, on the strength of cash gets higher education despite being of low intelligence, whereas the person with sharp intelligence remains deprived of higher education due to lack of money.

The framework of the modern education system was prepared in an environment of subordination. This is the education system, which was prepared by Lord Macaulay to run the English rule, whose purpose was not to make people civilized and good citizens but to create clerks who were parts of governance. The education system was run by the British to inculcate the feeling of slavery in the minds of the citizens, even today the education system includes such useless and futile subjects, which are only a burden on the minds of the students. Students are not even interested in these subjects, nor do they have any utility in life. Happened

Need for change in the education system

Therefore, it is clear from the discussion of merits and demerits that the present education system is not by Indian culture. It has more faults than advantages. For the progress of the nation, we have to make radical changes in the present education system. The country does not need babus and clerks at this time, but at this time emphasis has to be laid on such industrial and technical education, so that students can become self-reliant and hardworking in the future. This will end the problem of unemployment spread across the country. We must include such a method in education, including religion, character, simple living, high thoughts, self-reliance, and patriotism.

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