Key measures to increase Indian agricultural productivity

The major measures to increase Indian agricultural productivity can be described in the following form-

(1) Efforts should be made to reduce the burden of the population on agriculture.

(2) From the farmers who have extra land, that land should be taken over by the government by providing some amount of money and those who are landless or farmers with less land should be provided to them.

(3) Farmers should be informed about the methods of preventing soil erosion while making them aware of the losses due to soil erosion so that the problem of soil erosion can be solved and productivity can be increased.

(4) There should be a reduction in loan-related formalities for the farmers because due to excessive formalities, farmers stop taking loans.

(5) To provide knowledge to the farmers, farmers are provided knowledge of various research and information in the agriculture sector through Kisan Channel and Radio on Doordarshan.

(6) The government should make arrangements to research good seeds based on the requirement and fertility of the land and its information should be made available to the farmers.

(7) Prices of agricultural equipment, fertilizers, and seeds should be kept low. The government should not impose any kind of tax on agricultural equipment.

(8) In areas where canal facilities, ponds, and dam facilities are not available, the government should permit the farmers to install tube wells.

(9) Farmers should be provided training from time to time, so that they can know the process of talking to agricultural research centers, presenting their problems, and getting information about various research. Toll-free numbers have also been provided to them for this.

(10) The crop insurance scheme should be given a comprehensive form by the government, so that in areas where crops are destroyed due to drought, hail, and excess rainfall.

(11) Farmers should be told about the names of the diseases occurring in the crop and the medicines related to them, they should also be said about the method of spraying them.

(12) Scientificity should be included in the approach of the farmers so that they farmer does not believe in magic and tricks in the agriculture sector.

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