Important Local Winds Of World

Major Local Winds of the World

The main local winds of the world are as follows-

1. Phan

These are hot and dry winds blowing in the northern valleys of the Alps Mountains. These winds are very useful for the cultivation of grapes. Due to the effect of this wind, the snow in the grasslands of Switzerland melts.

2. Chinook

In North America – These are winds blowing from the slopes of the Rocky Mountains towards the Prairie region. These hot and dry winds are also called snow licking winds.

3. Simoom

Hot and strong winds blow in the form of dust storms in the Sahara Desert and the Arabian Desert. They are called Simum Pawan.

4. Sack

Cold and dry winds blow over the eastern Adriatic Sea and northern Italy. These strong winds are called Solano in Spain and Mistral in France. There is a hot wind blowing in Samsin-Egypt. Harmattan – is the hot and dry air of the Sahara desert.

5. Cyclone in Zanjawat

The destructive storm winds generated by the interaction of these warm and cold air masses often blow in the United States. These storms give birth to cyclones.

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