How to Study with Concentration

How to Study with Concentration
How to Study with Concentration

Studying is hard task, now. There are distractions everywhere. And has lots of reason for this. Your phone, neighbors, Music, Noise, Family members, TV etc. So, we can not concentrate on our study. Then, how we will study with full concentration. So that, we learn and remember concepts. Lets know first tip of how to study with concentration.

Tips for How to Study with Concentration

Everywhere is disturbance trying to grab your concentration and focus. Why we aren’t able to study effectively every day for long hours and how we can do that. Here are some methods/tips which will help you study and make it fun. Tips for how to study with concentration, some points given below:

  • Design your environment
  • Set your clear objective
  • Make a proper schedule
  • Make proper notes
  • Ask Yourself Questions
  • Study Consistently
  • Use of Smarts Techniques
  • Study in Groups
  • Take Breaks

In detail, we will see how to Study with Concentration all points one by one…

Design Your Environment for Concentration in Study

This is one of the most important things to consider. When you have to study. I am sure most of us miss out on this. Students when they have to study they don’t think of the environment, which is needed to study effectively and concentration on topic.

Your environment should help you when you are studying instead of trying to grab your attention in other 100’s of things that are unnecessary while studying. Firstly make sure that even before you sit to study, design your environment. By designing your environment mean that you and your book on desk with study material. Keep everything away from your desk at the time of studying.

Minimize everything possible which you know can grab your attention from studying. This is the secret or method to study with focus and hence study effectively. By doing this you will see how much of a difference it makes in your life when you study.

This is backed by various research as well saying that your environment influences you so if your environment is distractive that is if you are studying where you have your phone around or your TV, it is likely that you will not study and instead watch TV. Therefore design your environment in such a way that it helps you study and also for a longer period of time without any distractions.

Set a Clear Goal

Whenever you study, you should have a clear goal. Decide how many chapters or pages you want to study, how much time it will take and how you can do it. By deciding this you have clarity on how much you want to study. You don’t want yourself to just flip through pages not knowing what you want to study, how much you want to study. When you set a goal of say doing 1 chapter of a subject, make sure you do it. This will help you be consistent and will make you study more because you know that whatever goal you have set for yourself you are achieving it as well.

Have a Schedule

Make a schedule for studying and have a specific time to study and make sure you follow it every day. By this, you are making a habit of studying every day at a particular time. You also will feel uncomfortable at times to study at a specific time every day, but don’t give up make sure you go through that uncomfortable phase and still study.

Set a time when there is less disturbance around you. For example, you can study in the morning because there is silence around you. Choose a time which you feel is good for you to study. Once you make it a habit of studying every day, you won’t have to force yourself to study anymore. You will easily sit to study because you now have the habit of studying.

how to study with concentration
how to study with concentration

Makes Proper Notes

Make notes of your subjects. Also, make notes of whatever you have learned and try to write it in your own words. This helps us to simplify complex concepts. Making notes also helps you understand concepts clearly and also lets you know how much you know, how much you have understood. Also, it acts as revision material. During exams, you can refer to your notes and revise them. For how to study with concentration, you need proper notes.

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Ask Yourself Questions

Don’t just study for the sake of studying. Make studying fun. As Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Studying without desire spoils the memory and it retains nothing that it takes in”. Ask yourself questions ask yourself why it is the way it is. Asking yourself questions helps you go deep into the subject and find answers. If you don’t find the answer to your question ask your friends or your professor they might help you. That’s the key to learning and understanding concepts. The more you ask yourself questions the more interesting the subject is going to be.

Study Consistently

Most of us including me have studied one day before the exams. Studying one day before exams trying to cram up the whole book is doing no good to your mind. Even if you somehow study the whole book one day before exams, chances are that you go blank during exams because you have studied the entire subject in a day in a hurry. After all, there is less time. Also, it puts so much stress on you because you have no choice but to do the entire subject in one day. You just skim through the concepts because you have less time. So you don’t understand the concepts clearly and thus your mind doesn’t retain anything in them. 

Make Use of Techniques

There are many techniques, who helps in study with concentration. One of the techniques is called as “Promodoro Technique”. In this technique, you work in small fractions. For example, you will work for 20 minutes and then take a 5 minutes break and then again study for 25 mins then again a small break. Having small breaks helps you not have Mental Fatigue. It doesn’t exhaust your mind. It keeps your mind fresh. Millions of people have used this technique. It is a very effective thing of getting work done. Here’s given how to study with concentration with Promodoro technique.

  • Pick a task: Pick a subject you want to study.
  • Set a timer: Set a timer of about 20 or 25 minutes and then focus on only studying in this time frame.
  • Take a break: When you are done studying for 25 Minutes, take a break. IT is very important to take breaks. Make sure you don’t do anything else when you take a break. Don’t do some other task, just take a break. 
  • Continue the cycle: Here one cycle i.e. one promodoro session has been completed. Do 3 or 4 cycles like this.
  • Take a long break: After completing 4 cycles of promodoro. Take a long break of about 25 to 30 minutes.

[ The pomodoro is an indivisible unit of time and can not be broken, especially not to check incoming emails, team chats, or text messages. ]

This is the promodoro technique. Keep doing 3 or 4 cycles of it take a break and then again repeat the cycle. This technique helps us to focus and do the work in smaller fractions and also not exhaust our minds while doing it. This is a very effective technique to concentration our study that helps us get things done.

Study with a Group help in Concentration

 When you study make sure you learn it yourself you learn the concepts and then discuss them with your friends. Explain to them whatever you know about the subject. This will let you know how much you know about the subject and how well you know it or understood it yourself. Also, your friends may educate you on the subject you might have not known. Group study makes learning fun and interactive. You can ask questions to your friends, test your knowledge, and quiz each other as well.

Take Breaks

Your whole day shouldn’t consist of studying only. It’s all about maintaining a balance between studying and doing other activities. Taking breaks is as important as studying. Go out and play some sport or spend time with your family or hang out with your friends. Having leisure time is very important as it keeps our minds fresh and also helps us reduce stress. You can have a good study schedule and at the same time can enjoy other aspects of your life by managing time properly. 

How to study with concentration, we have learnt above. Students put so much effort but still, they don’t get the results. This is because they don’t know the proper way of studying. With the help of the above tips and techniques, you can up your study game. Remember this – “Study smart not hard”. Concentration increase by focusing on it.

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