How to make career in Animation

How to make career in Animation
How to make career in Animation

After 12th, many students have interested in animation field and want to be animator. And this course teaches students about internal working of animation and how things work in animation field. We will see how to make career in animation in this blog. By doing this course you will learn film making process, animation videos making etc., also after having experienced you will get a chance to build big network.

Animation courses

You can join Animation course available in many universities and institutions. Also you can get diploma and certification in this field. And many companies select animator according to their skills and creativity despite of diploma and certificate.

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Scope and career in animation courses

Admission to the animation course

Diploma and degree course both comes under this. The duration of diploma courses in animation field is 1 year, and duration of degree is 3 years. There are many types of courses like given below:

1. Introductory animation

Through this animation course, the students are displayed in the category of traditional and digital technology used in stop-motion, Claymation, 2-D or 3-D computer Animation.

Student’s observation and drawing skills

Students learn the basic principles and mechanics behind animation after developing observation and drawing skills and studying the fundamental principles of character design, layout and storyboarding.

2. Storyboarding for Animation

Through this animation storyboard, students learn basic animation theory and mechanics, develop observation and drawing skills and study the fundamental principles of character design, layout and storyboarding in this class.

Storyboards are prepared for each animated character and rough versions of animations are put together. This practice is called animatic Animation and Make career is field is easy way

3. Computer Animation

Through computer animation, students learn to create synthetic animations on the computer. Computer generated light and background are used with basic characters developed by students. Computer animation production techniques are used for a small animation project.

4. Animation Throughout History

In this course, students learn how styles and techniques have been changed in animation over time. A review of animation from the first animated films to introduce feature length animation gives student perspective on this fast changing art form. This is an alternative course.

Top 10 animation software

Here we are giving list of top 10 animation software. All are you thinking about software for “How to make career in Animation” shown below. These software have free and paid version available but for learner you free. After that switch to paid. And see the best software here

  1. Maya
  2. Pencil2D
  3. Renderforest
  4. Animaker
  5. Blender
  6. Adobe Character Animator
  7. Animation Paper
  8. K-3D
  9. OpenToonz
  10. KeyShot

What is 3d animation

3D is a type of animation that uses computerized images to create animated curtains. Compared to 2D animation or traditional animation, 3D shows a lot more realism| possibility of career in Animation field.

How to make career in Animation

Qualification for admission in animation course

The educational qualification of the students enrolled in the animation course should be 12th passed. And at least marks should have 45% marks. You can select courses like 2D animation, 3D animation. Some colleges conduct entrance examinations for admission to animation courses. You can apply for animation course based on various entrance exams.

Scope and career after animation

After career course, you have many options for your best career. And you skills attracts good salary package. In this fields skills matter than just a degree. You have already known, how to make career in Animation.

Advertising field- you can join advertising line as you career field, because demand in advertising is good. even good animator are very few. This fields gives you high income solution. You can join this, because an animator is widely required in this field. And also you can do web designing, video making, editing, game development and even in the film industry.

Many companies like Marvel Studios, film making houses and Animation companies are required highly skills animator. As Marvel cinematic and many other animation house always hires good skills animator. And career opportunities are high in this field.

Career in Animation is relatively new compared to other traditional careers in manufacturing, services or research.

Animation is a combination of art and technologies in which audiences and users in 2D and 3D can be influenced and educated.

You can start your own business in this field or work under any establishment of supervision. Or work as a freelancer. Demand of freelancer are many.

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