How to become RAW Agent

How to become RAW Agent
How to become RAW Agent

RAW is India’s intelligence agency, whose full form is Research and Analysis Wing, and this agency is India’s international secret intelligence agency. This agency was stabilized in 1968, its headquarter is in New Delhi. We will see how to become RAW agent in this article.

Work of RAW?

RAW works as collecting information, stopping terrorism, and complete secret operations.

Secrets Operations conducted by RAW in History

Indian RAW agency successfully completed some important operations such as Operation Meghdoot, Operation Cactus, Operation Smiling Buddha, Operation Chanakya.

This organization is outside of the Right to Information Act and does not Compel an answer to Parliament, RAW only answer to the Prime minister of India.

First selected in Elite Jobs

To get position as a RAW agent, the first step is to get selection in any of the elite government jobs, for example: intelligence bureau, IAS, IPS, Armed forces. Nowadays mostly RAW agents are recruited from the ones who are already in their foundation course. Higher authorities of RAW will take you interview and other physical, psychologically test to check fitness for job or not. Armed forces officers can get the opportunity by lateral deputation.

In 1983, RAW created its own service cadre, namely Research and Analysis Service, on which the post of Row Agent has to go through written examination and interview.

For this, the candidate should appear in the Group A Civil Services exam under the Central Staffing Scheme, after clearing all the stages, the qualified candidate can give the exam test of RAW.

Apart from this, the candidate should have 20 years of service experience.

Protecting the country by becoming our RAW agent is a very big responsibility, that is why the process of becoming a RAW agent is very tough. Initially, only trained officers were recruited in RAW, these officers used to belong from the external wing, after that, the police Candidates, the Military, and Indian Revenue Service candidates are also being recruited for RAW.

RAW Training

The training of RAW agents, who protect the country from every external and internal threat, is very strict because they have to work in high-risk conditions and hide their identity and carry out the mission. They are also given basic and advanced training.

Basic training is of only 10 days in which they are introduced to the real world, during which they are taught information security, energy security, scientific knowledge, financial, economic, and geostrategic analysis and intelligence of other countries. An agency such as CIA, ISI, MI6 is also studied.

After the completion of basic training, there is advanced training in which they are sent to the field intelligence bureau (FIB) and this training is for 1 to 2 years. In this, they are told how to survive in cold areas and jungles, how to manage secret operations, how to avoid getting caught, and how to react if they are caught during the investigation.

To face different problems, lots of training is given to RAW agents, so they can become trained RAW agents.

A RAW agent always has to be ready to go on the mission even on any short note, always prepared to travel anywhere in the world.

They have to keep their identity hidden from their family and friends as well. The job of a RAW agent is not a permanent job.

To become a RAW agent, it is necessary to have many skills such as to easily mingle with people, must have good communication skills, Self Management, Self Motivation, Professional, Personal Integrity, and passion for the country’s security

Eligibility to become a RAW Agent

To become a RAW agent or want serve in secret agency, you should have some eligibility to become RAW agent and eligibility given below:

  • Candidate must be an Indian Citizen,
  • Applicant must not have any criminal background,
  • Candidate must not be a drug addict,
  • Applicant must have a good education record and must be at least a graduate.

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