How to Become a YouTuber

How to Become a YouTuber
How to Become a YouTuber

A Youtuber is the person who works with planning on their videos and give best from his effort to its viewer. He makes videos for knowledge, may be its for fun. Although, you will get something from every videos. It should be knowledge of any kind, or laughing jokes, book summary etc. To become Youtuber, let know how to become a youtuber and best youtuber in India also stand your name in most paid youtuber list.

For New Youtuber

Money is important for people. In starting focus only good contain and high quality video’s. Rest will automatically happen.

Table of Content

  • Best youtuber in India
  • Best youtuber in the world
  • Youtube video download
  • Most paid youtuber
  • A youtuber salary
  • How to become a youtuber
  • Youtuber categories
  • Quality of a youtuber
  • Benefits of youtuber

Best Youtuber in India

Here we given Top best youtuber in India list, who earn million of dollars every month. They are very famous and popular celebrity names in India as YouTubers. They have high fun following, peoples are crazy for them, and This is list of individuals youtuber who has top best youtuber in India.

YouTuber NameChannel Name
Ashish ChanchlaniAshish chanchlani vines
Amit BhadanaAmit Bhadana
Bhuvan Bambb ki vines
Gaurav Chaudharytechnical guruji
Sandeep MaheshwariSandeep Maheshwari
Dr. Vivek BindraDr. Vivek Bindra: motivational speaker
Emiway Bantaiemiway bantam
Nisha MadhulikaNisha Mashulika
Nazim,Washim and Zaynround2hell
Best Youtuber in India

Best Youtuber in the world

If we discuss about best Youtuber in the world some are most famous and very popular. And they have huge fan following in the world that’s why they are best youtuber in the world. Here we provide a top 10 best youtuber in the world:

YouTuber NameChannel NameSubscribersCountry
PewDiePieFelix Kjellberg105 millionSwedish
Canal KondZillaKonrad Dantas58.9 millionBrazilian
Kids Diana ShowUnknown57.7 millionUkrainian
Like NastyaUnknown57.5 millionRussian
Justin BieberJustin Bieber55.3 millionCanadian
MarshmelloChristopher Comstock46.8 millionAmerican
Vlad And NikiVladislav Vashketov & Nikita Vashketov45.2 millionRussian
Ed SheeranEdward Sheeran45.0 millionBritish
EminemMusicMarshall Mathers43.4 millionAmerican
Ariana GrandeAriana Grande-Butera42.1 millionAmerican
Best Youtuber in the world

Most Paid Youtuber

Ryan Kaji is most paid youtuber in world and he is a 9 year old child whose channel name is Ryan’s World. And having around 42 million subscribers and According to Forbes, He is most paid youtuber in 2018 as well in 2019. Ryan Kaji is first highest-paid with $29.5 million approx. revenue. And His published his videos daily basis with his family (his father, mother, and twin sisters). When i child became most paid youtuber why you not!

A Youtuber Salary

A youtuber salary is depend on his views of videos. As much as high views on your videos you will earn more. Even a youtuber salary can be in millions in month. A youtuber average youtuber salary

How to become a Youtuber

To know to answer of question “How to become a YouTuber” check below:

  • Choose a niche or topic for your videos on which you want to make your all videos, further you will add other niche. e.g. Educational videos for IGNOU students.
  • First you need a script for you videos. You can outsource from freelancers.
  • After script is ready, you need record you script through your phone or with help mike (voice quality is high if you use mike).
  • After audio file is ready, you need download images and videos related to you script. while downloading images be aware of copyright images (use pixabay and pixels for free copyright images and videos).
  • After that you need a editing software like filmora or many more available in free.
  • Now edit your videos and upload on youTube.
  • While uploading videos, all description, tags, and other data upload and write carefully that will help you to get more users.

After successful, you have a chance to become best youtuber in India, and a youtuber salary is like most paid youtuber gain salary is very high.

Youtuber Categories

Every video has category in which it falls and upload. Apart from this, there are many categories in which you can become a good youtuber. it all depends on your interest on which topic you make a channel.

Health & FitnessPrank (Challenges)Cooking
Animation & FilmNews and PoliticsConspiracy
LifestyleMusic and danceSports
Autos & VehiclesPets & AnimalsTravel & Events
YouTube Video Categories

Quality of a Youtuber

  • High effort person: YouTuber makes all his efforts to complete his goal.
  • Hardworking: Work hard day and night to improve his content and videos quality.
  • Creative: creativity is the single point at which you videos goes viral.
  • Smart working: Hardworking is not enough to make videos.
  • Research Interest: Data collection effort high due to best videos.
  • Think according to viewer point of view: He only thinks to give new and correct information to the viewers.
  • Confidence while speaking
  • Communication Skills
  • Positive think and Patience

Note: First you need to start your work and improvement will shown you in your work day by day.

Benefits of Youtube

Becoming a youtuber is today era is great career field. Also, you will get many benefits by doing your work professionally. Some of them given below:

Financial Freedom

YouTube is good source of earn money, and you will become financially free within in month or years. If your video is viral you got thousand dollar from a single video.

Celebrity Status

Everyone wants to be famous and wish own identity. YouTube is a platform where you are known as a celebrity after being famous and treated like a celebrity.

Improve Your Quality

You quality of voice, attitude and writing skills, communication is improving day by day.

High level of Confidence

Despite being talented some people hesitate to speak in a crowd. Just like that initially, when we speak in front of the camera, we are unable to speak because the camera itself is equal to a crowd of people. Facing the daily camera, speaking freely in front of it fills us with confidence. Communication skills and way of talking will also increase as confidence skills increase day by day. Earning is a different thing, but the confidence increase will be very good.

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Scope in YouTube

YouTube is a world best and biggest platform in current which is almost available in every country of the world. Nowadays everyone is uploading videos on YouTube to earn money and become famous by showing their passion, talent and skills.

People on YouTube earns million of dollar and became famous. In further future, its scope will increase very fast due to internet and smartphone access available for more public. And people whose channel has reached a big level. They earns millions easily in a month.

If your video goes viral and you will get lots of subscribers (your customer) and views in millions. And you become a big YouTuber in the world in few month. So, YouTube has bright future like sun.

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