How to become a Pilot

Who is Pilot?

A pilots is a person have skill to control or fly an aircraft. As its is not an easy task but it rewards a-lot if done safely. Also learn here, how to become a pilot in this article.

There are different type of aircraft in world require different type of pilots have multi-skill. As the pilots goes in different part of country, pilots should knows the language of that country. Aircraft also use for military purpose as surveillance, for navigation, missile strikes, and bombing etc.

There are lots of rich persons who has there own aircraft and own pilots. Also, there are lots of airlines company in world which need pilots for their aircraft so it is good option to choose as career if we consider salary and traveling in different countries.

In India two possible way to become a pilot

PATH 1st Pilots for commercial aviation.

PATH 2nd Pilots in India Air Force.

For Pilot in Indian Air Force you need to appear in some exam which is conducted by Indian Air Force or UPSC. Also for commercial pilots, student have commercial pilot license (CPL).

Become Commercial pilot

Commercial pilot are those, who has enough qualifications and experience in aviation to fly passenger flight. Also, the qualification is pilot holds a certificate of commercial pilot issue by regarding authorities. In India, the authority is Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

To being a commercial pilot, it comes with a big responsibility. For any fault in flying of airplane the pilot is responsible for any issue. As in a commercial flight there are hundreds of people. So safety of all those people are in hand of pilot.

Essential Qualification for Pilot in India

In India, the student must be citizen of India and should completed class 12th with science subject such as English, physics, chemistry and mathematics. The aggregate score must be more then 50% in all subjects. In addition, minimum age must be 17 year and more.

There are three Stage of Licence

  •  Student Pilot Licence
  •  Private Pilot Licence
  •  Commercial Pilot Licence

There is another way to become pilot ,student need to complete B. Sc. in aviation from a recognise university and affiliated by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

Student 1st will be given a student licence before getting commercial, and the student licence allowed student to fly small plains and glider.

PATH 1st

Step 1st : Follow following Steps to become commercial Pilot after 12th class

Written examination

Candidate should appear in entrance examination conducted by DGCA To check the knowledge of candidate in following subject like English ,mathematics, physics. It also include medical test and interview. The written exam contain question based on class 12 standard.

Pilot aptitude test

This test include question related air navigation, air regulation, aircraft, aviation meteorology and engine knowledge etc.

Interview and Medical Checkup

Candidate who clear written examination and this aptitude test. Also they need to go for medical examination carried by DGCA and govt of India.

Step 2nd : To get Student Pilot licence

For student pilot licence student would appear in oral entrance examination conducted by college or university or DGCA

Student licence allow student to fly small aircraft for training purpose only. After completion of course and 250 flying hours ,student can apply for private and commercial pilot licence.

List of Some Top Leading School for Pilot Course

  • Indigo Cadet Training Program, (Hamilton, New Zealand & Hyderabad, India)
  • Rajiv Gandhi Academy of Aviation Technology, Kerala
  • CAE Oxford Aviation Academy, Gondia,
  • National Flying Training Institute, Gondia
  • Ahmedabad Aviation & Aeronautics Ltd., Ahmedabad
  • Madhya Pradesh Flying Club (MPFC), Indore
  • Bombay Flying Club, Mumbai
  • Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy (IGRUA), Rae Bareilly Uttar Pradesh

In India the cost to become commercial pilot is high which is around 15 to 25 lakh (different fees in different school). But another way is by joining Indian air force you can be pilot even in very low cost almost free.

Pilot Salary

Salary of pilot is very good in India, also as fresher can earn upto 1.5 lakh per month and with experience salary goes upto 5-6 lakh per month. Also salary of private pilot upto 50 lakh per annum. Also pilot salary are good in foreign countries as well. Then you know how to become a pilot and you read and get full information about it.

Path 2nd:

Pilot in Indian Air Force (Defence Force)

To join Indian Air Force you must have passion of flying, Reasoning Ability, courage, Effective Intelligence, stamina and patriotism. In addition, Indian Air Force is sky of opportunities, here candidate has opportunity to serve for nation here you can get training free of cost with experience you can improve your position up to various officer post. Another interesting thing is that you will get huge salary. But the competition is very high in this field, you have to clear exam and interview details are given below

How to Join Indian Air Force after 12 class?

After completion of 12th class know how to become a pilot in Indian Air Force, for students have to fill NDA entrance exam form from UPSC site. And clear entrance exam of NDA (National Defence Academy). After clearing the exam you should join flying branch, also you can choose other branch, if you don’t want to become pilot. In flying branch, 3 year training will be given to you at the National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla. Also, on completion of training successfully you will commissioned as pilot in any Airforce station in India.

Eligibility criteria for NDA examination

 To sit in NDA exam you should have following qualification:

  • Candidate must be citizen of India.
  • Must clear class 12 exam with subject physics, chemistry mathematics and English.
  • Minimum and maximum age of candidate are in between 16½ to 19 year.
  • Only male candidate can apply for NDA.

NDA Entrance exam Admission Procedure

After filing exam form available in UPSC website you face

  • Written exam
  • SSB Interview
  • Medical examination.

Written exam

Exam will be objective type, you have to choose right answer for given four option. Important part is syllabus, which is based on class 12 syllabus. Also, Mathematics, physics, chemistry English, history, geography and current affair are majors subjects. You should study with full concentration.

SSB Interview

Interview consist two stages.

Stage 1 –Officer Intelligence Test, Picture perception and discussion test.

Stage 2– after clearing 1st stage you will call for 2nd stage. which based on group discussion and personal interview

Medical examination

In the medical test include eyesight checkup, weight, height, hearing ability etc,. will be checked. Also, Eyesight of candidate should be 6/6, and minimum height should be 152 cm.

Pilot Salary for Air force pilots

Pilot Salary for Air military pilots about 7-20 lakh per annum. In addition, salary increment is also good. Also it very highly respected post in world. And If you interest career as pilot before start study, get knowledge about how to become a pilot.

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