How to be a Hacker

How to be a Hacker
How to be a Hacker

What is hacking?

Hacking refers to activity that includes digital devices, computers, and networks. It is an endeavor to collect personal data from a computer or a server. Hacking is carried out using computers, private networks and digital devices. It is unauthorized access to any computer or device. Hacking can take down any forms and affect anyone with has internet accessibility. If you have accessed any website, downloaded any suspicious email or used any public Wi-Fi you can be a victim of hacking. Let’s see how to be a hacker.

Who are hackers?

A hacker is a person who breaches the security code to steal sensitive information of an organisation or company for gaining money. They also breach for reason such as profit, personal purpose, find the weakness of the company. White hat is a name given to hackers who hack ethically. Let’s learn how to be a hacker before that we see small top 10 hackers list.

Top 10 Hackers ever in the world

Here is the list of world most popular and famous hacker. If you want to know how to be a hacker read full article.

  1. Kevin Mitnick
  2. Jonathan James
  3. Albert Gonzalez
  4. Kevin Poulsen
  5. Gary McKinnon
  6. Robert Tappan Morris
  7. Loyd Blankenship
  8. Julian Assange
  9. Guccifer 2.0
  10. Anonymous – Its a highly famous group of Hacker.

Categories of Hacking

Ethical hacking (government authorized)

Ethical Hacking is when you steal information or data from security or computer for ethical work. Also, Ethical hacking is used for verifying the weakness of the system or the holes in the system. And Ethical hacking is also referred to as white hat hacking. These type of hackers provide the company with the weakness so that they can improve the security system.

Unethical hacking (illegal hacking)

Unethical hacking refers to the use of advanced technology to breach the security system of companies. In unethical hacking hackers use their skills for financial gain, gather personal information, sensitive information of companies. Unethical hacking is against the law and orders and those who are indulged in this are cybercriminals.

Different Types of Hackers

White hat hacker

White hack hackers are good hackers which hack for legitimate work. Also, they are known as “good guys”. They try to prevent illegal hacking. Also, they use their skills to break-into the security system and test the level of security. This is also known as ethical hacking. This helps to expose the weakness of the security system which help them to strengthen the system. Also, these hackers are hired by an organisation or company to discover the weakness or holes in the security system. So, Before think how to be a hacker you should choose you hacking field as white hat hacker.

Black hat hackers

Black hat hackers are bad guys whose work are illegal. Also, they find the vulnerability of a security system and hack the system to gain money. Also, they cause serious damage to the system to earn. They damage the computer and security system. Also, they can steal the personal information of an individual to blackmail them for their benefits.

Grey hat hackers

Grey hat hackers come between white and black hat hackers. Unlike the black hat hackers, they violate and breach the system without the intention of gaining money. They hack the system to raise awareness in public and hack publicly.

Before how to be a hacker, You should know what are reasons hacking:

  • To obtain the personal information of an individual.
  • To obtain sensitive information of companies for financial gain.
  • Stealing information from a firm to sell it to a competitor firm.
  • To burnishing one profile.
  • Purchase with another account.
  • Use and abuse one personal social security.

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How You can be a Hacker?

How to be a hacker you need to follow the steps like every other hacker once did. The steps to be followed are

  • Be familiar with LINUX/UNIX. These are operators which provide security to your computer. Also, LINUX is one of the most used system for hacking and it provides ample tools for hacking.
  • Learn c programming. C programming is the mother of all programming language. Also, C programming is the base of learning UNIX/LINUX.
  • Learn to be anonymous. Dealing with hacking might be legal and some might be without permission. Also, learn to keep identity hidden as they can not trace you back.
  • Learn to use the dark web. The dark web is not stored in search engine and is an anonymous platform. Also, this web is used to sell and buy materials. It is not always illegal.
  • Learn hacking from a professional hacker. Many ideas and skills will be developed once you learn from a professional.
  • Should know how to use a search engine properly.

Learn Languages to become Hacker

Before you know how to be a hacker, you should know that you must be good at programming languages:

  • Python is a good language to start with. It is a well-suited language for hacking. It is well suited for the big project also.
  • JavaScript is another language, which is the same as python. It is also advanced language and user friendly. JavaScript is used in web developing and hacking.
  • Other alternative languages are C++, PHP C, C type of language is very suitable for the device and reduces time.

Learn Networking Concept

The network concept should be well known to become a hacker. Understanding how the network is created is important and should know the difference between networks. Also, having an understanding of TCP and UDP is a must to exploit the weakness of the company. Also, you should know about HTTP it is a way to reach the internet world. Hackers also use HTTP to breach the security system. Apache HTTP is a frequently used server.

Learn Cryptography

To be a pro hacker you should master cryptography. The technology of cryptography is very important for the internet and networking. Also, it is used for secure communication with a third party. Also, it is used in ATM cards, computers and password.

How to be a hacker, for that you can visit many websites which offer to learn hacking. There are many courses which are conducted by professional hackers who teach how to be a hacker. Also, free courses are available on Google and YouTube which teaches how to be a hacker.

Qualifications for become a Hacker

A person must have a bachelor degree in IT such as engineering, BSc and diploma in networking. Also, if you have good skills of hacking that’s enough for job. Skills matter more then degree. A person should have a learning experience in are of network security. Working knowledge about Microsoft, Linux server. The latest penetrating server is essential. Also, you should know about languages that are used in hacking and basic knowledge about various languages.

What is Cybercrime?

Cybercrime is an activity using computer and networks to perform any illegal activity. Also, activities like breaking security code, stealing personal information, blackmailing for information. Cybercrime is committed to making money. Cybercrime targets individuals as well as companies.

 Methods of Hacking

Internet brings new challenges. It is very difficult to know what is right and what is wrong. Data can be stolen in many ways. Also, the easiest way to steal is from inside the server. Common techniques of hacking are

  • Phishing

Phishing is a sneaky way of hacking. In this hacker fools and target sensitive personal information like credit card detail. The hacker can then use the information to hack the accounts of the individual. Many of these hacking is done via email. Other ways of this type of hacking are by sending SMS. Also, asking for information saying they are bank and hopes the victim falls for this and the hacker gets all the information through which they can steal money.

  • Cookie theft

Also known as session hacking cookie theft when a hacker captures the cookies according to the search made by an individual. Cookies are files that are stored by the browser so they remember your likes and preference. Also, some cookies are useful they remember the username and password. Some website use cookies to keep track of your actions, what you search and which term you use the most. Also, the third party which is a hacker who analysis your likes and preferences and sends an ad regarding your likes. After you click on the ad all the personal information is been transferred to the hacker from your device.

  • Cross-site scripting

Cross-site scripting is a process in which the hacker adds its code to a legitimate website. Also, that website is converted into a phishing portal that can log and capture all the data you have entered. By getting all the personal information they can use it as an advantage and use it for their benefit.

Your device is hacked or not?

To know if you have been facing a hacking problem some of the points are

  • Your computer or device starts acting strange. There are unexpected changes in your device such as looking for a password that no longer exists. Setting which gets changed, files which you never made. Also, if your camera gets activated without permission it’s a strong sign that your device is been hacked.
  • Deactivating of antivirus software. Antivirus software is used to keep your devices safe if your software gets deactivated without you deactivating it is one of the signs that your device is hacked.
  • Someone spending money without you knowing. One of the biggest reason for hacking is the theft of money. Also, if you suspect any mal spending of money without you knowing maybe your account is being hacked.
  • The password doesn’t work. When a hacker hacks your account it will change your password to keep you logged out. If you are facing difficulties in logging in with your right password maybe your account is being hacked.

How to Protect Yourself from Hacker

  • Keep your software updated. Hackers can hack outdated software easily. All be updated with the latest software.
  • Use a unique and strong password. Keep different password for your different account. If a hacker hacks your one account won’t be able to hack other accounts.
  • Always click on any website with caution. Hackers apply maliciously ads on the website so click any website with caution.
  • Install antivirus application which will help you to detect and clean all the virus which are used by hackers to get all the important information.
  • Don’t access personal information with others Wi-Fi. Checking account balance and logging in to your bank accounts with others Wi-Fi or purchasing a product with your credit card with others Wi-Fi can give personal information to the hacker.
  • Download apps from trustworthy source only. Many apps may consist of codes that are added by a hacker to get all the personal information.
  • Log in to accounts with your device only. Logging into accounts with the others device can leave traces and can be hacked.
  • Don’t accept request from an unknown person on the social media platform.

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