Hacking Types

Hacking Types
Hacking Types

Hacking is an amazing part of the computing world for many decades, hacking has wide criteria and large data on it to read and use. In 1960, MIT has conducted the first event of hacking, and the word “Hacker” initially originated.  Some of hacking types are well known like ethical, computer, server hacking.

Hacking is generally defined in two ways. On the ethics, basic and other is target based.

Based on ethics, it two types. Either hacking is ethical (used for legal purposes) or unethical (used for illegal work). On this basis, ethical hacker and unethical hacker terms are originated. You should learn how to become hacker but always ethical hacker.

Who performs hacking tasks?

It is called a hacker. Hacker is a computer expert who has a good understanding of how systems work, operate, and are designed. He performs an act of hacking that why he is named hacker.

What is hacking?

Hacking is a way of using codes or tools, find any possible entering point of a device or system to access its resources by using a device or system network. Basically, it is an art to take unauthorized access of a device or machine or any network. The purpose of accessing a device depends on the hacker, it may want to harm or steal sensitive information or want to change something in your device.

Hacking types based on ethics

Ethical hacking: In this type of hacking, hacker finds weaknesses of devices or software or network systems. The purpose of this hacking is basically to test and check the device or software or network vulnerability. So that, these weaknesses can be correct to making high-security network or device or software. In addition, ethical hacking also performs due to security purposes or finds criminals or finding illegal activities.

Unethical hacking: In this type of hacking, hackers illegally access devices or networks. The purpose of this is to make money or harm devices or networks.

Main types of hacking

The main hacking type is target-based (which device is to be hacked) hacking. It is different types given below:

Hacking a Website: Take control (unauthorized access) over a website and its web server with its helping software like database and other panels.

Network Hacking: It means accessing the network to harm the network and its operation with collecting data about network through some tools such as Ping, Telnet, Tracert, NS Lookup, Netstat etc.

Email hacking: Unauthorized access over your email account with any your knowledge. It break your personal security and get personal details also access confidential information about your data, contacts.

Password hacking: It is process gathering data and information from the hacked device or systems. Also recovering your secret passwords from that data.

Computer hacking: Control a computer system by unauthorized accessing. also stealing your data from your computer.

Advantages of Hacking

Hacking is very useful if it use for good purposes. Some cases given below:

  • Lost information recovering, if your forget your password through it we can recover easily.
  • Use hacking techniques to perform server, system, software penetration testing of its security.
  • Save our systems and servers from black hat hackers.
  • Correct and manage security breaches.
  • Prevents from malicious software from gaining authorized access.

Disadvantages of Hacking

Like a coin have two faces, same as hacking. As hacking have advantages as well as disadvantages. You have learned above many types of hacking, everything has some advantages and disadvantages. If it done for good purposes then it count in advantages. While same thing done with wrong perspective then it is bad or it is disadvantages of hacking. Some of them given below:

  • Big security breach
  • Violation of privacy
  • Unauthorized access to steal private information
  • Hampering system operation.
  • Denial of service attacks.
  • Malicious attack on network or system.

Purpose of Hacking

Have you ever think, why they do hacking while they are master of computer? Well, it has many possible answers. Purpose of hacking depend on hacker, it may be some behind it, some of them given below:

  • Only for fun and entertainment
  • Show-off to peoples
  • Steal valuable and important information
  • To damage the system
  • Break privacy of someone
  • To get money instead of his secret data
  • System security penetration testing
  • Breaking policy compliances

Top 5 free websites where you can cyber security and ethical hacking given below:

  1. Cybrary
  2. SecurityTube
  3. Harvard/EDX
  4. SANS Cyber Aces
  5. LEAP

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