Govt Jobs in India

Govt Jobs in India
Govt Jobs in India

Most of peoples want Govt jobs in India because it has many advantages compared to the private sector. Government job in India gives you job safety, life security, and plenty of different benefits. Many people even switch from high-paying cooperative jobs to government work simply for job security and benefits given by the government sector. In India, millions of candidates apply for government jobs every year. 

Here is the list of best Government jobs which are given below:

  • Indian Foreign Service (IFS)
  • IAS and IPS Officers
  • Defense Service
  • Indian Forest Service
  • PSUs Officer
  • Doctors
  • State Public Service Commission
  • Teachers/Professor
  • ASO in Ministry of External Affairs
  • SSC CGL Officer
  • Indian Engineering Services (IES) 

Indian Foreign Service Govt Jobs in India

IFS officers are selected through civil service examinations organized by UPSC. These diplomats represent the country abroad.

Qualification for Apply: Graduation from recognized board.

Exams: There are three phases in the UPSC exam: 1. Preliminary, 2. Main, and 3. Interview. One has to clear these Phase and then they are selected into the foreign service of India.

Life Style: IFS officials spend most of their time abroad (2/3), and only (1/3) of their careers are spent at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in New Delhi, India. IFS officials are called diplomats or ambassadors and are responsible for handling the country’s foreign affairs.

Job and Life Security: This is a very safe job and also provides the opportunity to study abroad. As for IFS officials, only 10 to 15 candidates are selected each year.

Salary in Job: Employees receive a huge salary of 60k including all other benefits.

Benefits offered are: Great House in the best cities around the world, Free mobile invoices, Their children get free education in International Schools, Housemaid, Luxury car, Free Medical care, Free Airline tickets to India. 

IAS and IPS officers 

IAS (Indian Administrative Service) and IPS (Indian Police Services). These officers work in various fields and are part of policymaking in India, and the benefits of these jobs are incomparable. More importantly, the agents of IAS and IPS have great power. 

How to get Job: read our article how to become IPS officer. Same process apply for IAS officer as well. This is one of the best Govt jobs in India.

Salary in Job and Benefits: The entry salary is close to Rs. 50,000 with DA. They receive subsidized electricity. They can get government support and study leave for higher education at foreign universities.

Security & Facility: An official vehicle and a private driver. Security guards are also provided, in some states.

Defense Service

Defense service officials receive more salaries and benefits than civilians. These jobs involve risk and adventure. This career is filled with challenges; however, applicants get an excellent promotion.  

Exams to Join: People participate in these services through a variety of exams, including NDAs, CDSs, and AFCATs.

Qualification: You can join the defense after graduating from high school or after completing your degree.

Salary in Job: Entrance salary to the rank of Lieutenant Rs. 50,000-60,000+DA. The salary and benefits depend on service and place.

Job Benefits: Good settlement, Uniform allocation, Free supplies, Maintenance allowance, Travel allowance, Child education grants, Pension after retirement.

Career in ISRO and DRDO 

Young engineering graduates interested in research and improvement. Also, wishing to participate in India’s development can apply for engineer or scientist positions within ISRO and DRDO or other organizations. Such as BARC. And ISRO is known as one of the best space agencies in the world. Because its mission is always successful, precise, and inexpensive. There is Mainly technical work such as design, testing, and operational work.

Qualification to Join: Anyone can join ISRO/ DRDO, by getting a first-class engineering degree (over 60%). This is one of best Govt Jobs in India.

Benefits:- Working with the team in a very good environment, Provide free medical facilities for you and your family, Subsidize the canteen, Group insurance, Pension plan, Child education grant, LTC and hometown facilities, Travel discount.

Salary in Job: Basic Pay 56100 + DA + other allowances.

Indian Forest Service 

Indian Forest Service is a perfect job for those who want to get away from city life, enjoy living in nature, and enjoying pristine surroundings. Officers are expect to work in forestry as well as wildlife. The life of an IFoS officer is full of risks. Officers are expect to maintain the environment, pay attention to forest activities in protected areas, regulate mines, and meet the needs of forest dwellers. The fee paid to the IFoS agent is equivalent to the fee paid to the IAS agent.

Salary in Job: The entry-level salary is Rs. 52,000+ DA.

Benefits: Renovated big house, Official vehicle, and driver. A domestic helper, Subsidized electricity, And many other benefits are given to them.

PSUs Officer 

PSU (Public Sector Undertaking) are partially or completely owned by govt of India. PSU job means you have to work in the company. But there is an efficient office environment, which is far better than all other companies.

PSU works in many companies, such as BHEL, SAIL, ONGC, NTPC, IOCL, Coal India, MTNL, NMDC, BSNL, BPCL, etc. Most UPMs select candidates based on GATE scores. Therefore, candidates must pass the GATE exam with a high score. All PSU companies are separate into different groups, such as Maharatna, Navaratna, Miniratna, etc. The working hours are from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, but this differs from company to company. PSU provides its employees with mobile and portable devices every 2-3 years.

Job Safety: Safety of jobs is greater than the private sector.

Salary in Job: Different salary on different level.

Doctors Govt Jobs in India

Government doctors are valued in organizations such as AIIMS and other public clinics. Doctors treat and interact with patients daily. The work of a doctor is to treat their patient and bring happiness to everyone’s lives. Government doctors see a large number of patients with different cases every day in public hospitals. So that they can learn a lot of things. Choosing a government job is a better option for a fresh graduate. Doctors must provide their patients with all the information they need for treatment. They get higher salaries and have real opportunities to help those in need.

Types of Doctor: There are different types of doctors like Gynecologist, pediatrician, Cardiologist, Audiologist, Veterinarian, dentist, Orthopedic surgery, ENT specialist, Psychiatrist, and many more. They don’t have to worry about hospital maintenance costs. They get a good reputation in society.

Process to Become Doctor: To become a doctor has certain steps.

Benefits: Stable job, House Accommodation, Vacations and Holidays are also provided.

State Public Service Commission

This is quite like UPSC, it organizes exams for Class A – All India Service and Central Government Department positions. Likewise, each state organizes exams for positions like SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate), DSP (Deputy Commissioner of Police), ETO (Excise and Tax Officer), Tehsildar, etc. These Officials are only inferior to those employed directly by the UPSC.

The responsibilities and powers of a PCS officer are equal to those of a Class A officer. An IAS officer acts as an intermediary between the Center and the State while the PCS officer manages only the affairs of the State. Unlike IAS agents, PCS agents don’t have to worry about transferring money. 

Salary in Job: Salaries in all states are different, but on average their salaries are between Rs. 35,000-45,000.

Other Benefits: Things such as a fully furnished house, owner’s car, driver, electricity allowance, etc. are also given to them.

Teachers/Professor Govt Jobs in India

The job of a Teacher is the most peaceful because you have sufficient free time in their daily routine and it is probably the only job that allows you to enjoy the holidays. As a teacher, they can research their subject matter, write books, and more.

Salary in Job: An assistant teacher in a technical school receives Rs. 75,000 to 80,000 as starting salary. Teacher salaries range from 40,000 to 10,000, relying on the teacher’s professional experience, senior teachers are paid more than junior teachers. Institutes like IIT, NIT, etc. offer a higher salary bracket; while art school teachers are paid less. In addition, Ph.D. Holder salaries are higher.

Benefits: Other benefits are also provided, such as medical facilities, accommodation, laptop allowances, etc.

ASO in Ministry of External Affairs 

The ASO in MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) is a Grade B position and selection for this position is made through the SSC CGL exam. The biggest motivation for working in MEA is overseas posting. Throughout their career, an ASO can take on 6 missions abroad each lasts for 3 years. For the abroad, passing the foreign language proficiency test is required. 

Salary in Job: On duty abroad, the salary ranges between Rs 1.25. 1.8 lakh.

Benefits: Housing provide by the government, Free medical structure at the best hospitals in the country where you are station.

SSC CGL Officer

It is both office and fieldwork. There are many posts like Assistant Auditing officer(AAO), Income Tax Inspector (ITI), Central Excise Inspector, Assistant Section Officer.

Preventive CBEC Officer like Normally there is an office but sometimes they have to do raids. The working schedule is from 9:30 to 18:00 and 5 days a week. All positions are open to both men and women. The workplace is in New Delhi but some positions are available all over India. It is responsible for important work.

IES Govt Jobs in India

IES (Indian Engineering Services) is the most prestigious, well-known, and best government job, like IAS and IPS, IES officials gain power in the technical field. Initially, IES officials usually hold technical positions. IES officials act as technical managers. There is a less technical but more management role. There are various types of departments in India that provide engineering services, such as roads, railways, defense, CPWD, telecommunications,  etc. IES officials deal with the situation related to coordination with various PE agencies and communicate with government authorities. If you want to become an IES officer, you need to pass the UPSC engineering civil service exam.

Benefits: The government provides bungalows and other facilities such as gardeners, guards, cooks and servants at the lowest prices, Medical service, Government car with driver, Free electricity, Freephone charges, All India travel passes, City compensation grant,

Salary in Job: IES officials get very good salaries above 50K.

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