For career guidance

For career guidance
For career guidance

When we deciding our future career. Most of us are in confusion because we don’t have proper guidance. For career guidance, we will tell you different fields not all, but most the precious and good career fields. So that, you can choose wisely your career option after your 10th, 12th, or graduation. You can also explore different occupations and their requirements to find the one that suits you best.

Are you considering career opportunities, looking for a new career, or considering changing jobs? The more you know about the options, the easier it is to decide whether you are interested in a particular job or industry. Work, or you will find this is something you never want to do. Whether you are in the early or mid-career stage, it is always a good idea to spend some time exploring career opportunities for career guidance.

Basic Education for career guidance

Diploma courses once tenth

The essential eligibility is roaring completion of sophistication 10th. Examples: credentials in fine Arts, diploma in mechanical engineering, diploma in pc engineering, diploma in business administration, etc.

Diploma courses after 12th

The basic eligibility is the successful completion of class 12th. Examples: credentials in engineering (all domains), diploma in building management, a certificate in engineering science, etc

Graduate diploma courses

These courses are virtually at par with the graduate degree courses, and any student after class 10th will want these courses. Examples: credentials in engineering (all domains), diploma in nursing, diploma in agriculture, etc.

Today, credentials holders are utilized as Junior Engineers, Assistant Engineers, executives in hotels, the BPO sector, and plenty of public and personal organizations. The Central and authorities of Asian nation provides an extensive range of opportunities to diploma holders.

Government Public Sector Unit and Public sector undertakings are giving job opportunities to the diploma holders in numerous engineering fields or branches like Electrical, Mechanical, natural philosophy, and Civil. Indian Railways, Airways, roadways, and many Government closely-held firms like BHEL, BEL, NTPC, Coal India, HPCL, aerodrome Authority of India, IITs, ECIL, BPCL, Government PSU like UCI, NACL, NLC, SAIL, NTPC, IOCL, ONGC, Power Grid, Railtel, NMDC, RITES, etc. provide positions to the credentials holders across the country. 

The primary demand includes three years of standard credentials within the engineering discipline from AICTE / Government approved establishments and Universities.

Apart from the government jobs, the private sector has conjointly opened the gates for diploma holders. Many private firms would like diploma holders for positions in several domains for career guidance for you.

Agriculture and Natural Resources Career 

Suppose you want to use the power of nature to ensure a safe and stable environment and provide people with food, this is one of the best for career guidance options. In that scenario, you may be interested in working in agriculture or natural resources. Manage the land to produce food for people to eat.

Agricultural product scientist

As a rural product scientist, you need to analyze plants’ production methods and farming practices. The results of these studies can be utilized to increase crop yields and improve food quality. -As a dog breeder, you can raise domestic animals or pets with knowledge of animal behavior, genealogy, and artificial insemination. 

Environmental scientists

The primary responsibility of ecological scientists is to manage land use by government regulations so that ranchers or farmers can effectively use natural resources without causing damage.

Environmental engineers and Technicians

Environmental engineers use chemistry, soil science, engineering, and biology to solve environmental problems such as pollution and hazardous waste disposal. The ecological engineer executes the plan made by the environmental engineer. Many scientific disciplines, including ecology, biology, chemistry, soil science, and geology. They studied how the planet’s ecosystems and inanimate elements together affect the environment. 

Farmer or rancher

As people’s demand for healthy food continues to increase, and you can live as a farmer who grows or grows beef, pork, poultry, or vegetables, and other foods. You can also become a rancher, including raising livestock and caring for the land and houses where the animals are raised.

Architecture and Construction Career 

In the field of construction and architecture, you will find a career dedicated to the development, design, and construction of commercial buildings. This field also includes occupations related to repair and maintenance. Structure for human use, whether a house, a commercial building, or a group of buildings in an urban environment. Work with the client on the necessary construction details of the structure and develop a construction plan. For career guidance let’s read.

Construction Inspector

Engineering education can help the construction inspector of a building or structure to evaluate the design. Carpenter: As a professional carpenter, you will use wood or other materials to construct various building structures, including trusses, beams, stairs, and partitions, and you will also be responsible for repairing such systems. 


After Developers create the technical drawings needed by architects and engineers to design buildings and structures. They use computer software to convert construction projects into engineering drawings. 


After becoming an electrician, you will be responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical wiring and lighting systems. You will use various components, including circuit breakers, transformers, and control systems.

Art careers and communication 

Creative people may be suitable for careers in art and communication. If you are an entertainer with a technical inclination, for career guidance purposes please, consider a career opportunity that combines the two. 


An actor portrays a role in television, film, drama, or television commercials. They use their facial expressions, bodies, voices to convey the essence of the characters they represent, whether it’s telling stories or sharing information. The style and appearance of the specific environment you are working in. Can handle various media: magazines, advertisements, film/TV program production, or product packaging.


With the help of online markets and trade fairs held by fashion suppliers, anyone can turn their work into a career. From painting to sewing, woodworking to home decorations, you can make a living by selling handmade products. 


As audio and video technicians, these creative people use technology to make their live events and presentations more attractive. They utilize equipment such as microphones, amplifiers, projectors, and VCRs.

Broadcast newscaster

As a broadcast newscaster, you are responsible for broadcasting news on the radio or TV. Attendees will also include live and recorded reports from live reporters.

Business Administration and Management Careers 

If you have a business mindset, then you will want to explore management and administrative careers. In some positions, you manage budgets and finances, and in other positions, you manage employees. You can also utilize your business acumen to help people in management positions. 

Accountant or auditor

Accountants and auditors analyze the financial records of individuals and organizations. Accountants must ensure that records are complete and accurate and use them to prepare tax returns. 

Administrative assistant or secretary

An administrative assistant, also called a secretary, works in any environment, including company, government, hospital, or school environments. Tasks include managing office functions, such as payroll, purchasing office supplies, processing correspondence, and receiving messages. 

Budget analyst

As a budget analyst, you will help the organization manage its financial situation, whether it is a government, a non-profit organization, or a company. You will work with other people in the organization to budget for it to function effectively. 

Customer Service Representative

A customer service representative works for the company and acts as a liaison between the organization and its customers. Employment and placement specialists-also known as recruiters, employment and placement specialists, are dedicated to finding suitable candidates to fill which are vacant in the organization. They also often train new employees.

Education and Teaching Career 

If you are interested in education, you may be interested in working in a school or teaching people to help them reach their potential. There are several career options.

Administrative staff

The administrative staff of primary and secondary schools and deans of colleges and universities. Responsibilities include setting budgets, hiring teachers and other staff, and setting policies and school procedures. 

Elementary school teacher

An elementary school teacher may be your ideal choice. They offer courses to teach children basic skills and knowledge in reading, mathematics, social sciences, and science. 

Fitness coach

Is fitness important to you? You can share your passion for being a fitness coach. At work, I teach people how to exercise to improve their physical fitness, cardiovascular health, and endurance. You can become a group fitness coach, or you can work with clients one-on-one. 

Post-secondary teacher

If you want to train young people and non-traditional students, you can become a post-secondary teacher. University professors are referred to as faculty or professors and teach students in colleges, universities, or community colleges in various subjects (such as English, philosophy, physics, or nursing).

Average Salary

Average salary depends on your academic qualifications, academic qualifications, and professional experience gained during your studies. The average monthly starting salary is between 30,000 and 50,000 rupees, a career opportunity after graduation. 


For career guidance, the diploma courses are gaining a lot of importance these days thanks to the bigger convenience of state and personal jobs after completing the systems. To assist you in giving a common platform for many job opportunities, AMCAT is arising with many new credentials job openings across domains. Keep tuned to grasp more regarding the recent job openings and opportunities once diploma courses.

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