Exam Preparation Tips Top 7 tips to prepare for the exam in less time

Exam Preparation Tips:- Students are busy preparing to get a good score in the examination. But if you prepare for the exam properly then you can score 100 percent marks. However, most of the students are confused that how to prepare for the exam as they have to complete the entire syllabus of one year in few weeks. Don’t worry! If you have to study for an upcoming exam but have less time to prepare then follow these tips and tricks to study well for the exam. Whether you have a few months or a few days off for the exam, these tips are helpful.

1. Analyze Previous Years Question Papers
You already have less time left to study everything, so to get good marks in the exam, you need to utilize your time efficiently. You have to start with the analysis of previous years question paper as per the syllabus of your upcoming exams. For this you have to do the following: Collect previous years’ question papers of at least 5-10 years. Cross-check the weightage of questions from different chapters to identify the chapters with more weightage and less important chapters. You will get to know about the questions and chapters of difficult, average and easy level. This will help you to understand the important topics from each chapter that you should study for the exam.

2. Study according to the priority
Now you need to set the priority for the important chapters according to the number of questions, mark weight and difficulty level. Schedule time for each chapter as per the priority list and start with chapters with more weightage or easier chapters, so that you can save your time and effort for preparing for difficult chapters. Most importantly, do not make frequent changes in your time table/study plan. Just set a study schedule as per the priority list and follow it for better results.

3. Make Marks While Reading
When you start your preparation, read the topic you need to learn, and then make suggestive sentences for easy learning. To make it simple, you can use bullets, numbering, special symbols or mind mapping diagrams to represent the answers and related topics.

4. Revision is the most important thing
once you complete your syllabus, you should do revision. With revision you will come to know about your shortcomings. With which you will be able to decide the strategy ahead. It will help you in studies.

5. Study according to the need
It usually happens that students take their mobile, laptop, tablet with them during their studies, due to which their attention is constantly diverted. Never keep such equipment while studying, it affects your concentration and you waste your time. You should take only what you really need for reading like notebooks, syllabus, question papers and stationery etc. Also, keep the things you need in one place so that you don’t have to get up or leave your studies midway.

6. Don’t take long breaks during studies
It is usually advised by experts to take breaks in between your preparation but none of them have mentioned the time duration and number of breaks. Ideally, you should take a 15-minute break for every 45-minute study round. Also, don’t split the 15-minute break into 10+5, 5+10 or 5+5+5 as it will distract you. So to maintain concentration during studies take short break in one hour i.e. 60 mins = 45 mins study + 15 mins one break.

7. Get good sleep and eat well
The most important thing to remember is that you should eat healthy and take rest to keep yourself alert while studying. For this, you should sleep for 6-7 hours. Eat healthy foods like fruits, veggies, fruit juices/smoothies. Take out time to do some physical exercise and meditation, it helps you to improve your physical and mental fitness. Also, please avoid junk food, sugar coated products and caffeine as these things make your body more tired and you cannot concentrate while studying.

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