Essay on Christmas

Christmas is the main festival of Christians. This festival has the same importance for the Christian community as that of Dussehra and Deepawali for the Hindus. This festival brings the message of holiness to the millions of followers of Jesus Christ spread all over the world and inspires them to follow the paths and high ideals shown by him.

The festival of Christmas is celebrated every year on the 25th of December according to the English month because Lord Jesus Christ was born on this auspicious date. Jesus Christ did not believe in discrimination of high and low. Therefore, the holy festival of Christmas does not belong to any one but to all those who are his supporters and have faith in him.

Many days before this festival, there is a glimpse of enthusiasm and gaiety among the people. On this auspicious day, everyone decorates their homes with different types of flowers, skirts and pictures. There is hustle and bustle in the market and shops.

Decorating ‘Christmas-tree’ has special significance on this festival. In European countries, its decoration and grandeur are made on seeing. Its importance can now be widely seen in India as well. All the family members gather around the ‘Christmas-tree’ on this day. Together they praise and pray to the Lord Jesus Christ.

On this occasion, Christians decorate their homes very attractively and prepare different types of dishes and present them to the neighbors and eat them themselves. For children, Shantaklaj definitely brings some gift because Jesus Christ himself was very fond of children.

Now people of all communities have started enjoying the festival of Christmas in India, which increases social harmony. People from all communities wish each other a Merry Christmas.

Jesus Christ is considered the messenger of God. He had incarnated to remove the misery of the oppressed of the world and to reveal the true nature of God to others. Initially he faced many difficulties but later gradually the number of his followers started increasing. Through his teachings, he tried to remove the superstition, ignorance, misery etc. prevalent in the world.

People came to know him as the ‘liberator’. His growing fame and support began to worry the then-Jewish rulers. Due to his ignorance, he felt that Jesus Christ was instigating people by giving wrong teachings.

As a result, they turned against Jesus Christ. Ultimately, he was hanged on a cross and subjected to severe torture, accusing him of violating the dignity of religion and misleading the public. Christians believe that the Lord Jesus Christ was resurrected on the third day according to his statement. There was a sense of the welfare of humanity in it.

The high ideals that Lord Jesus Christ has set in front of this world while leading a simple life, are exemplary even today and will be exemplary forever. Jesus Christ had devoted all his life to God. He always tried to remove the miseries, inequalities, and ignorance prevailing in the world.

This festival fills all our hearts with the spirit of purity and inspires us that even after facing many difficulties, we should not give up the path and should cooperate as much as possible to pave the path of purity to others.

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