Convert 2 m to cm

First, note that m is the same as meters and cm is the same as centimeters. Thus, when you are asking to convert 2 m to cm, you are asking to convert 2 meters to centimeters.

A meter is larger than a centimeter. Simply put, m is larger than cm. In fact, a meter is “10 to the power of 2” larger than a centimeter.

Since a meter is 10^2 larger than a centimeter, it means that the conversion factor for m to cm is 10^2. Furthermore, 10^2 is the same as 100. Therefore, you can multiply 2 m by 100 to get 2 m converted to cm.

Here is the answer with the math showing you how to convert 2 m to cm by multiplying 2 by the conversion factor of 100.

2 × 100
= 200

2 m
= 200 cm

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