Concept of Green Revolution | positive effects of green revolution

Concept Of Green Revolution

The term Green Revolution means a rapid increase in agricultural productivity and production. Based on the Green Revolution, where one more agricultural problem were developed, on the other hand, plans were made for remarkable progress in the agriculture sector. The scheme of commendable increase in the production of agricultural commodities was named as Green Revolution.

Positive effects of the green revolution

The positive effects of the Green Revolution can be described in the following form-

(1) Progressive seeds are being used by the farmers through the Green Revolution, due to which there has been an unprecedented increase in the productive capacity of the farmers.

(2) Various types of research work are being done by agricultural scientists to find new seeds for farmers. The research work related to agricultural machinery is also progressing at a rapid pace.

(3) Through the Green Revolution itself, today the farmer chooses the crop and seed only after getting his soil tested, due to which his production capacity is increasing progressively.

(4) Farmers are being given exemptions on chemical fertilizers through Green Revolution, due to which fertilizers are becoming cheap and farmers are buying and using them and production is increasing.

(5) based on the Green Revolution, the means of communication are being used to provide agricultural knowledge to the farmers.

(6) based on the Green Revolution itself, various medicines are being discovered by scientists to protect the crops of the farmers, so that the crops can be protected from the diseases occurring in wheat, rice and mustard, etc. and production can be increased. Could,

(7) In the areas where there is no canal, the exemption is being given by the government to install tube wells for the use of groundwater. Along with this, farmers are being told about various methods of water harvesting, so that education on water management can be imparted.

(8) Through Green Revolution, the farmer is using new technology, leaving the traditional technology and progressively increasing the production of his crops.

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