Accounting Standards, including International Financial Reporting Standards

Accounting Standards

(ACCOUNTING STANDARDS WITH I.F.R.S.) Accounting standard refers to such standards, which for all transactions, is a method of identifying the same type of method and a process of measuring results and providing information in which its users can make an appropriate decision. -American Accounting Association. It is considered very important that the financial statements of … Read more

What is the Accounting Cycle

What is the accounting cycle

What is the accounting cycle? Understanding the accounting cycle is essential for a business man to make his business successful. In today’s post, I will tell you what is the accounting cycle , what are the phases of the accounting cycle , at what time the accounting cycle happens, how it works and how it … Read more

Calculation of interest on withdrawal


Calculation of interest on withdrawal:- How is interest on withdrawal calculated and at what rate interest is paid on the partner’s loan? This is what you will know in today’s post. How is interest calculated on withdrawal If a partner withdraws a certain amount at the beginning of every month and the amount of withdrawal … Read more

Dissolution of Partnership Firm

Dissolution of partnership firm

There are many types of activities in a business. A partnership firm is also a type of business, but most people are very confused about the dissolution or dissolution of a partnership firm, so in today’s new article, all the doubts and concepts related to the dissolution of a partnership firm have been easily defined. … Read more

Accounting Process

Accounting Process

What are accounting procedures? Accounting Process Accounting is used by most traders today. In such a situation, accounting has to go through various processes. The process of accounting is very essential for a businessman and auditor. Before knowing the process of accounting, you should have a clear knowledge of accounting. What is the process of … Read more