7 Types of intellectual property

7 Types of intellectual property
7 Types of intellectual property

What is intellectual property law?

Intellectual property laws are the dealing your work and inventions legal rights which you create or invent it by your hard-work and knowledge after giving so much time. These laws control the fraud and duplicity or of your product and invent. It may be a products design, artistic work, scientific invention, and your research in any field. Reason behind of all these intellectual property rights or law is allow people who create or invent things to profit from their work. Lets’ see 7 types of intellectual property.

Types of intellectual property law

Intellectual property rules and regulations deeply concern with thought or ideas of peoples by which they create something. It may be your scientific work, creative work, or any kind of music artifact or any type of thing. Which you created by you and you are the creator also you should have all right of related to your creation. For this, these laws were makes. These law help you to protect your right regarding your creation from theft or misuse. Due to these laws nobody can gain profit by your idea unless it is not registered.


Copyrights protect an owner’s right to their own creative work. This work include music, print, performance, choreography and movies right to his creater. So that, other peoples can not make or re-generate it again. To get a copyright of anything, your thing or work should be unique. Also you need to ensure that your creation is not registered by other. For this, your should show or publish your as soon as possible after done.

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This is a legal right for invention creator. In case of patents, your product can not produced again, or sell as well as distribute without any legal permission with you. The duration of patent in U.S. is 20 years. To get patent protection, you need to provide documentation of novelty regarding your invention. Also idea must be your, your have to show it. You need to describe and provide each and every sufficient details regarding patent in in front of government official and public.


This include company logo, its design, or individual symbol, lettering or words that show his or company product. It’s an identifier. It differentiate you entity from other entity as well as your product. It necessary to register your design or name as trademark to get ownership legally.

Unlike a patent, a trademark can last forever. If you reserve right of any products, you can take trademark and sell it easily. A good example of a trademark is tesla logo design, which is electrical car company. These has widely very important role in business to secure a company product and its brand as well it duplicity.

Industrial design rights

Sometimes, inventors don’t make products. In fact, industry officials make its designs and get right for protection purpose of product are known as industrial designs. These rights of design give profit to company and its creator due to nobody can make it again.

Plant variety rights

Horticulturalists have long been breeding plants into new and better varieties. When someone creates a new plant, they have exclusive rights to the plant and the plant materials. A person or company holding the rights to a new plant can choose to grow the plant themselves or sell licenses to grow and use the plant.

Trade dress

Trade dress is essentially packaging. When a company sells a product in unique packaging, they may have exclusive rights to present the product in that way. Claiming a trade dresses right can be complicated. You need to prove, your packaging is aesthetic rather than functional. You need to show that customers are showing interested in packaging as well as in thing or product.

Trade secrets

It is plan or strategy by which doing business. It is a way of working gives advantages over a competitor to you. E.g. Coca-Cola is market Leader Company, it doesn’t have patent of Coca-Cola drink. In fact, it is a trade secret of Coca-Cola Company, Nobody knows the secret. If anybody gets this recipe, anyone make it and make another billion dollar company.

Intellectual property law changes

In digital age or era, these intellectual property laws are changed significantly. And having complicating and challenging day by day. Due to case of abuses of against these rights have increased too. This area evolve and grow continues. Lawyers of Intellectual property should have a part of these discussions. In past some cases happen related to intellectual property law.

Intellectual property law is often international

International property law often raises international issues. If someone create something new in India. And they want to preserve it right to gain profit from it by working in foreign country.

Many countries have different intellectual property laws from India have. Finding ways to protect client interests abroad can be challenging. Knowledge of international law is must for intellectual property lawyers. Also they know how to help to meet their client’s objectives.

At the time of practicing law of intellectual property might involve designing agreements according to international laws. For example, someone enforcing and claiming copyright internationally. Due to international copyright agreement which aim to make uniform or common rules internally. On behalf of government in order to negotiate these agreements a lawyers might work.

Who practices intellectual property law?

To making career in intellectual property law, You should deep knowledge related to scientific and technical information. In fact, lawyers relates background with technology and science often good career makers in this field. Lawyers who are practicing these patent law need to pass a special examination in order to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Also intellectual property lawyer need to demonstrate in front of superior that they have qualified to handle scientific and technical matters as well other than normal matters.

These are work for individuals and corporations for both.

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