Agricultural Income

Agricultural Income

Questions. 1 What is meant by agricultural income? How many types is this? Explain any ten such incomes which are related to land but are not agricultural income. (Meerut 2009, 2006, 2005B; Rohilkhand, 20092006 Imp ) Answer- Generally, agricultural income means the receipt of produce etc. from doing agricultural work, is called agricultural income, but … Read more

Meaning of company  

Meaning of company  

Meaning of company:- Company means such a form of business organization which is established by some persons for the purpose of making profit under the provisions of legislation. In simple words, ‘company’ means a group of persons having a common objective and whose capital is divided into transferable limited liability shares. The business of the … Read more

UNIT – I Basic Concepts Tax

Income tax act

Meaning of tax The tax may be a mandatory payment that has got to be created by individual or alternative persons to central government, authorities or government. Tax relies on sure can institution rules or criteria like financial gain earned , property owned or expenditure created. let’s see Basic Concepts Tax. Direct and taxation Direct tax may be a payment directly created to the stable by the one who bears it.Indirect tax may be a tax that is paid by one person and burned by another person. Income tax act The revenue … Read more

Introduction to Adam Smith

Economics Class 12th Chapter 2nd national income Notes Adam Smith is known as the father of modern economics. He was a resident of Scotland and was a professor at the University of Glasgow. His published book ‘An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations’ Before Smith, the physiocrats of France were … Read more



The cell is the structural and functional unit of the body of living organisms and often has the ability to reproduce itself. It is that smallest organized form of various substances in which all those activities take place which collectively we call life. The English word for ‘cell’ is derived from the Latin word ‘ … Read more