10 High paid jobs in India

10 High paid jobs in India
10 High paid jobs in India

10 High paid jobs in India? Well, there are different jobs which has highest salary like CEO, Managers, who are at highest position in company. But we discuss about some other jobs who are not at highest position and you can get easily.

The cut-throat competition in society forces us to opt for jobs that give us a good package, a high standard of living, respect in society, and a lot more. As everything is dependent on money. So, now the question arises is what are the 10 high paid jobs in India? Before discussing, It should be noted that to succeed in life, one needs to put all the efforts, hard work and has to be patient. So, the following is the list of 10 high paid jobs in India.

Which jobs is paid highest in India

Before discussing about which jobs is paid highest in India. There are numerous sectors in which you will get these job profiles. The categorization can be made on departments. But, the following is the generic list of India’s highest-paid salary jobs.

  1. Data Scientists
  2. Medical professionals
  3. Full-stack software developer
  4. Product management
  5. Marketing manager
  6. Machine learning professional
  7. Chartered Accountant
  8. Blockchain developer
  9. Investment Banker
  10. Management consultant

We shall now dive into each particular profession, what are the required steps to become a “data scientist”, “Medical profession” & “Full-stack software developer”, package offerings, and so on. Let’s begin:

Data Scientists

A data scientist works in the field of data science which includes statistics. He/she uses different ranges to analyze the data collected from the web, customers, sensors, and other sources. In short, the person who works practices data science is known as a data scientist.

Industry Type

It is a new buzzing industry, whose demand has grown to 40% from 2019 and more than 300% since 2003. Running in the trend and thus makes it one of the best jobs in India.

Educational qualification

If the candidates are from a science background then they need to pursue B. Tech or B.E and no coding experience is required. Normal graduates are also preferred. After this, they need to pursue the P.G program from any of the recognized colleges or any online mode.

Skills required

One should have the ability to work with complex formulas. Then an understanding of consumer psychology is also needed. Following this business acumen skills are also required.

Roles and responsibilities

Firstly, to identify the data sources and generate the automated data collection processes. Then, one needs to clean and analyze both structured and unstructured data.They also need to design predictive models and ML algorithms.


Usually a data scientist package starts from Rs.9,05,000 p.a. which can go up with growth and experience. And the companies which hire data scientist are Amazon, Walmart labs, Grey Atom, Procter & Gamble, People Interactive.

Medical Professionals

Under this term “medical professionals” involves surgeons, cardiologists, and other doctors. It should be noted that the salary package usually depends upon the type of specialization one chooses. It can be dentistry, Pharmacy, Healthcare Administration, etc. But, usually many among them get high paid jobs in India be it a general physician or a general surgeon.

Industry type

This stream comes under the type of healthcare sector and includes both government and private doctors. Being aware of the present scenario, we all in fact should be grateful to the doctors for providing 24X7 services. Also, adding to this sector is growing tremendously which we all can see evidently. To be more specific this field offers most of the high package jobs.

Educational Qualification

The opening entry to become a doctor in India, is by pursuing and completing MBBS. This is an under-graduation course like any other which is recognized by the Medical Council of India. And after UG, one needs to pursue P.G by taking a specialization in any field of one’s interest.

Skills required

Firstly, one needs to have quick thinking and problem-solving skills. Then, they need to develop a calm and composed nature for their patients. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are the top priority. Adding to this they need to put and have attention to detail.

Roles and responsibilities

  • The first and foremost role is to diagnose the illness of the patient through its symptoms.
  • To make an accurate note of the patient’s health issues and other medical complications.
  • Then to collaborate with top new doctors, nurses, and other practitioners to deliver a top-notch treatment and save the life of the patient.
  • Adding to this, to stay updated with the new knowledge, information, and innovations.
  • These were a few of them, as we all know that there are never-ending responsibilities of a doctor.


Coming to the point of salary the average salary of professionals in the healthcare sector is about Rs.10 lakhs p.a. there are only 25% of people whose salary package weighs about Rs. 20 lakhs p.a. And the top employers work in AIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences), Apollo, Fortis, Max, Columbia Asia.

Full-stack software developer

As the name suggests, a full stack developer is a software developer who works both at the front side as well as at the backend team. The frontend means the client-side and the backend team implies server-side development. These full-stack software developers need to be familiarized with each technological stack that is required in the making of a software product.

Industry type

This profession comes under the department of IT. And as we know this IT sector is the main hub for job opportunities. Well, this sector is likely to grow to US dollars of 30 million which will create a job opportunity of 2.5-3 million by the year 2025. Hence, proved how the demand is rising for software engineers and developers in the coming time.

Education qualification

Coming to the point of qualifications, to be a full-stack web developer. One needs to have a bachelor’s degree that is either B. E or B. tTechin computer science or information technology. Adding to this the candidate needs to have a solid foundation in programming languages as well. Such as C, C++, Java, Python, Ruby, etc.

Skills required

One of the major skills required is to have an excellent understanding of both the frontend and the backend team. And one needs to know basic design skills and web architecture.  Apart from this, the candidate needs to have the ability to work in a collaborative environment. As well as has to have a ledge of HTTP, REST protocols, basic design skills, and web architecture. Fluency in java scripts, CSS, and HTML.

Roles and responsibilities:

One of the main responsibilities is to design user interactions on the web page as well as the APIs.

Then, to create servers and database functionalities.

Some of the other responsibilities are to develop the frontend and the backend team for website architecture.


A fresher full stack developer can earn up to a package of Rs.3-Rs4 lakhs p.a. Then, with an experience of between 1-4 years, the package can go up to Rs5-6 lakhs p.a. And once the candidate reaches the mid-level range or gains an experience of 10 years, the candidate is offered a package of Rs13 lakhs p.a. Here the top recruiters are IBM, Barclays, Dell, Siemens, E2logy, Simple, Chrome Infotech.

High paid government jobs in India

In India, their is lots of business and governments departments. Hence lots of jobs, from of them high paid government jobs in India listed below:

Table 1: High paid government jobs in India

Government JobSalary per year
Civil Service Officers (IAS, IFS, IPS)6 — 28 Lakhs
PSU Jobs3.3 — 14.2 Lakhs
Indian Revenue Service (IRS)7 — 10 lakhs
Scientists2 — 25 Lakhs
Defense Jobs5 — 20 Lakhs
National Thermal Power Corporation Limited11.4 Lakhs
Indian Audit and Accounts Service1.2 — 5 Lakhs
Banking/Insurance Officer6 Lakhs
Income Tax Inspector4.5 — 6 Lakhs
Central Excise5.5– 13 Lakhs
External Affairs7– 24 Lakhs
Assistant in Secretarial Services3 lakhs
Divisional Accountant5 — 9 lakhs
Indian Coast Guard5–15 lakhs
Railway Engineers3.5 lakhs
Doctors3 — 10 lakhs
University Professors5 — 15 Lakhs
Architects1– 5 Lakhs
Tax Assistant (CBDT)2.5 — 4 Lakhs
High paid government jobs in India

More than 10 high paid jobs in India

Which jobs is paid highest in India, Instead of high paid governments jobs in India, there are lots of private jobs are also available which has high salary listed below:

ProfessionSalary Per Year
App Developer2.5 Lakhs –1.3 Cr
Freelancing2– 40 lakhs
Chartered Accountant3.5 Lakhs — 2 Cr
Business Consultants 5 — 20 Lakhs
Data Scientist8.7 Lakh — 60 Lakhs
Full-stack Developers6.25 lakhs
Software Engineer2 lakh to 10 lakh
Tax Consultant  3– 10 Lakhs
Television Anchor3.5–5lakhs
Pharmaceuticals1.5 — 4.5 lakhs
Fashion Designer2–4 lakhs
Investment Banker  5 Lakhs — 9.5 Lakhs
Lawyer 3– 12 Lakhs
Aviation1.5 — 3.5 Lakhs
Business Analyst3.5–7.5 lakhs
Pilot36 lakhs — 1 Cr
Lecturer3.5– 7 Lakhs

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