0.5 as a fraction

0.5 as a fraction
0.5 as a fraction

Today we see 0.5 is a fraction. Let us now see what is the fraction of 0.5.

different from decimal

Would you wish to understand however the decimal range zero.5 is written as a part?Here we’ll show you the simplest thanks to convert quite zero.5 bit by bit in order that you’ll be able to build it as a piece.


You can take any variety, for instance, 0.5, and construct one because the divisor to form it an area and have a corresponding worth like this:0.5/1

To settle the percentage point within the fraction, we tend to match the numbers when the decimal to zero.5, and duplicate the dividend and divisor by ten. If it’s one variety, 100. If it’s a pair of numbers, 1000. within the event that it’s three numbers, etc.

So, for this case, we tend to repeat the dividend and divisor by ten to urge the related division:


At that time, we’d like to separate the dividend and divisor from the best common divisor (GCD) to contour the division.

The GCD of five and ten is five. after we divide the dividend and divisor by five, we tend to get the following:


Thereafter, 0.5 could be a division in line with the following:

Answer 1/2

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