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  • 1.78 m in feet
    Hello there. this can be wherever you learn the way to convert 1.78 m in feet. Not solely that, however as a bonus, you’ll additionally learn the way to convert1.78 m to feet and inches. Before we tend to continue, note that m is brief for meters, … Read more
  • What is the Accounting Cycle
    What is the accounting cycle? Understanding the accounting cycle is essential for a business man to make his business successful. In today’s post, I will tell you what is … Read more
  • Calculation of interest on withdrawal
    Calculation of interest on withdrawal:- How is interest on withdrawal calculated and at what rate interest is paid on the partner’s loan? This is what you will know in … Read more
  • Dissolution of Partnership Firm
    There are many types of activities in a business. A partnership firm is also a type of business, but most people are very confused about the dissolution or dissolution … Read more
  • Accounting Process
    What are accounting procedures? Accounting Process Accounting is used by most traders today. In such a situation, accounting has to go through various processes. The process of accounting is … Read more
    meaning of accounting:- The Committee on Terminology set up by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants formulated the following definition of accounting in 1961: “Accounting is the art … Read more
  • Environmental Pollution: Meaning, Types, Effects, Causes, and Measures to Prevent
    An undesirable change in any component of the environment, which adversely affects the living world, is called pollution. The human development process, industrialization and urbanization, etc. have an important … Read more
  • 161 cm in feet height
    Come friends these days however we have a tendency to convert 161 cm in feet height. therefore let’s begin. 161 cm, what percentage of feet and inches square measure … Read more
  • 175 cm in feet and inches
    Come friends nowadays however we have a tendency to convert one hundred seventy five cm in feet and inches. thus let’s start. 175 cm, what number of feet and inches are there? 175 centimeters is up to five feet and eight.898 inches. There are straightforward ways to calculate what number of feet … Read more